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What Should I Do if I Have a Porcelain Veneer Emergency in Montville?

December 21, 2018

Filed under: Support — cpranadental @ 5:02 pm
Close-up of woman's smile

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth to conceal a number of flaws. If you have a variety of imperfections like chips, cracks, gaps, discoloration and more, you may have already gotten veneers to transform your smile. This cosmetic work can last for years with proper care. However, veneers can still break, crack, chip, or fall off. Keep reading to learn how to handle a porcelain veneer emergency in Montville.


Transparent Teeth in Montville? A Cosmetic Dentist Offers Solutions

November 11, 2018

Filed under: Support — cpranadental @ 5:33 pm
A woman smiling

There you are brushing your teeth one day, when you suddenly look in the mirror and notice that some areas of your teeth look lighter than the rest…maybe even light gray or transparent. Yikes! Your first reaction is probably to feel alarmed and wonder whether it’s a sign of a more serious issue. But it will put your mind to ease to learn that it’s relatively common to develop transparent teeth over time due to various factors. Also, there are easy steps you can take to prevent getting transparent teeth in Montville or restore your smile after the fact. Keep reading below to learn more!


What Can Cause Dental Implants in Montville to Fail?

November 4, 2018

Filed under: Support — cpranadental @ 3:06 pm
Dental implant.

Dental implants are the highest-quality, healthiest, and most realistic tooth replacement available. These missing tooth solutions are titanium posts that get placed in the jaw to act as a stable support for false teeth. These artificial tooth roots fuse to the jawbone, making them a healthy and permanent solution. Dental implants can sometimes last for a lifetime with proper care. However, there is a small (around 5%) chance that your dental implants in Montville can fail. Keep reading to learn some common causes of dental implant failure and how to keep your implants in good shape.


What to Know Before Getting a Smile Makeover in Montville

October 15, 2018

Filed under: Support — cpranadental @ 4:11 pm

Woman smiling in dentist's chair.Getting a smile makeover in Montville is a life changing experience. Having a full, healthy, and beautiful looking set of pearly whites can open doors in your professional and social life. However, receiving a brand-new grin is a big decision, so there’s some factors you should consider before receiving a smile makeover. Read on to learn about these factors from your local cosmetic dentist.


The Importance of Your Dental Hygiene in Montville

October 3, 2018

Filed under: Support — cpranadental @ 4:54 pm

Woman smiling.Did you know October is National Dental Hygiene Month? This month brings awareness to an important part of our everyday lives that rarely gets talked about: dental hygiene. Your oral health care routine is vital to the appearance and health of your smile. Read on to learn tips on how to maintain proper dental hygiene in Montville from your local dentist


Re-Growing Bone for Dental Implant Placement in Lincoln Park

September 18, 2018

Filed under: Dental Implants — Tags: , — cpranadental @ 12:47 pm

dental implant in boneDental implants have quickly become the preferred solution to treat tooth loss because they provide over a 95% success rate. Their benefits are due to their ability to fuse to your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. With a dental implant placement in Lincoln Park, it acts as a tooth root, stimulating your jaw to encourage new bone growth. Unfortunately, if your jawbone’s density has been compromised, it cannot support the post. Thankfully, there are several ways to grow new bone.

Benefits of Dental Implant Technology in Montville

September 8, 2018

Filed under: Support — Tags: , — cpranadental @ 5:42 pm

model of dental implantOver 500,000 people every year are turning to a revolutionary tooth replacement option to complete their smiles. Due to new improvements in dentistry, you can now regain the next best thing to your real teeth with an option that offers over a 95% success rate. With dental implants, you can replace your missing teeth with a solution that looks and feels natural. You can enjoy many benefits that are not possible with traditional prosthetics due to the use of advanced dental implant technology in Montville. From start to finish, the latest innovations in dentistry enhance the long-term success of your new smile.

Four Tips For Adjusting to Life With Invisalign in Lincoln Park!

August 7, 2018

Filed under: Support — cpranadental @ 3:24 am

An Invisalign tray and case If you’ve recently gotten Invisalign in Lincoln Park, congratulations! You’ve chosen an excellent way to straighten your teeth, without the hassle or inconvenience of wearing traditional braces. But, since you’ll be in treatment for a while, you might be wondering how you can adjust to life in Invisalign so that you get the most out of your experience – and the results you want – as easily and reliably as possible. In this blog, you’ll learn four great tips so that your journey to straight, beautiful teeth is smooth from start to finish. Learn more below!


3 Reasons Some Dental Implant Cases are More Complicated Than Others

July 7, 2018

Dentist showing patient a dental implant modelNo two dental implant tooth replacement plans are exactly alike. That’s why your dentist will need to see you for a consultation and treatment planning appointment before they begin a dental implant tooth replacement plan. During your treatment consultation, Dr. Rana will examine your smile, review your health history, and partner with you to create a dental implant tooth replacement plan that delivers a long lasting natural looking and feeling smile. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the many reasons why dental implant plans may be more complicated than others and what you should expect during treatment.

Replacing Multiple Teeth with Dental Implants in Pequannock Township

June 15, 2018

Filed under: Support — cpranadental @ 4:06 pm

An implant-supported denture.Dental implants in Pequannock Township are incredibly versatile. Not only can they restore your smile, but they are also designed to restore function and help you retain your face’s overall shape. However, many patients don’t realize that their versatility also extends to multiple tooth replacement.

Whether you’re replacing a few teeth in a row or an entire arch, implants can make your overall restoration even more secure. There’s no need to replace all your individual teeth when these complex prosthetics can help you save money!


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