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5 Health Problems Caused By Ill-Fitting Dentures

September 18, 2020

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Man with apple after fixing ill-fitting dentures in Lincoln Park.Dentures are a great solution to replace an arch of missing teeth. They’ve undergone several improvements over the years to look and feel more realistic than ever. If you already have a denture, it probably helps you chew a variety of foods, speak clearly, and smile confidently, but you might notice some changes with it over time. Your jawbone’s shape will alter, which can cause them to slip. Although you might feel it’s nothing more than a nuisance, here are 5 common consequences of ill-fitting dentures in Lincoln Park.

Health Risks of Poor-Fitting Dentures

Every tooth in your mouth is essential to a healthy smile. When even one is missing, your jawbone will slowly shrink because it isn’t being stimulated by the root. If you have experienced significant tooth loss throughout an arch, your jaw will change as time passes. This will also cause the ridges of the gum tissue to shrink, which can make your dentures feel loose or uncomfortable. This can lead to several complications that can affect your mouth and body, such as:

  1. Irritated and Inflamed Gums

If your dentures don’t fit correctly, it can cause them to rub against the gingival tissue, which can lead to irritation and inflammation. In some cases, it can cause painful sores that place you at risk of infection.

  • Potential Nutritional Deficiencies

Slipping and irritation can make it almost impossible to chew certain foods without pain. This might cause you to eliminate them from your diet, like meats or proteins, which can result in nutritional deficiencies that can harm your health.

  • Headaches

Headaches can originate from issues affecting the mouth and surrounding facial tissues. This is common for patients who have an unbalanced bite from poorly fitting dentures.

  • Atrophy of the Jawbone

Your jawbone can deteriorate from atrophy. Dentures that don’t fit well can hinder the formation of new tissue, which can cause it to completely dissolve from the pressure of regular chewing.

  • Yeast Infection

If your bite isn’t balanced, it can cause your saliva to pool on the sides of the mouth in an unnatural manner. As it continues to puddle, it can create an overgrowth of yeast that can result in an infection.

Fixing Ill-Fitting Dentures

If your dentures in Lincoln Park don’t fit as well as they used to, try a new adhesive. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to see your dentist to have them adjusted. Depending on their age, your dentist can reline your dentures to improve their fit. If you’re interested in a more stable solution, ask them about securing your denture with dental implants. You’ll permanently eliminate slipping and irritation and enjoy a close replica of your natural smile.

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Comprehensive Dental strives to provide compassionate services for patients of all ages. Our team’s diverse backgrounds allow them to deliver state-of-the-art treatments to resolve even the most complex issues, like tooth loss. If you need new dentures, or you’re interested in dental implants, contact our office today to schedule your consultation for a complete smile.

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