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Bad Teeth? Find Out if Dental Implants Are a Viable Option for You

July 2, 2019

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Are you worried your teeth are so bad there’s no hope for a solution? Do you long for a beautiful smile but feel trapped by the gaps and missing teeth plaguing your mouth? The first thing you should know is you are not the first person to feel this way, and the second is that there is hope. Not only can you find a solution with dental implants, but depending on the severity of your case, even if traditional implants aren’t suitable, All-On-4 or implant-supported dentures can restore your smile and give you back the confidence you’ve lost. Find out more about these instrumental procedures and learn how you can look forward to embracing a new and improved smile.

Qualifications for a Dental Implant Candidate

If you’re concerned that your smile is beyond the help of even a dental professional, you’ll be happy to learn that an implant dentist can examine your teeth, gums, and bone to determine which method of treatment is right for you.

If dental implants have you intrigued, you should know there are a few factors your dentist will take into consideration when making a decision about your ability to receive this tooth replacement solution. These include:

  • Bone strength – Your jawbone must be strong enough to hold up the implant and its custom restoration.
  • Good oral health – If you have gum disease or tooth decay, it will be imperative that you have these problems addressed and treated prior to receiving dental implants.
  • Overall health – Certain conditions make it much more difficult for the implant process to be successful (i.e. diabetes or autoimmune disorders), as your immune system must be strong enough to allow your body to effectively heal.

Ways to Restore a Smile

If you’re concerned any of the above-mentioned factors might keep you from receiving dental implants, don’t worry, there’s still hope! Before immediately assuming that traditional dentures are the only way you’ll achieve a natural-looking smile again, your dentist might suggest a few different procedures to help with bone strength, such as:

  • Bone graft – If your lower jawbone is weak, your dentist can take bone minerals and place them in the area that needs additional support. These minerals will work to encourage the bone to strengthen over time. This will usually require several months of healing before you can begin the process of receiving dental implants.
  • Sinus lift – If it is the upper bone that needs help, it might be because of the proximity to your sinuses. Your dentist can go in and essentially perform a bone graft in the area of your molars and premolars.

The Magic Behind All-On-4

If the bone is just too weak, and you’d rather not spend the additional time healing from another surgical procedure (i.e. bone graft or sinus lift), there is an alternative solution – All-On-4 implants. Using four titanium posts (implant) that mimic your natural tooth root, your dentist will strategically place them along the front of your jawbone at various angles. It’s important that the implants are placed in areas that would not require a bone graft.

As a result of the implant placement, you will immediately be fitted with a prosthetic after your implants are in place, effectively giving you a fully restored smile the day you arrived.

With so many available options to restore your smile, there’s no reason to wait. Don’t let your bad teeth continue to keep you inside and away from those you love and enjoy spending time around. Take back your oral health and your smile with one of the many tooth replacement solutions available.

About the Author
At Comprehensive Dental, our dental professionals and staff work hard to ensure every patient has a comfortable, pleasant, and informative visit. Offering comprehensive services to all ages, we can take care of all your family’s dental needs. Worried your teeth will prevent you from receiving restorative treatment? Dr. Rana and his team can examine your mouth and determine whether dental implants or All-On-4 implants are right for you. To learn more, contact us at (973) 633-5666.

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