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Cone Beam Scanner Technology From Your Dentist In Lincoln Park

June 15, 2017

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Learn how cone beam scanner technology from your dentist in Lincoln Park can give you the healthy, radiant smile you deserve. Did you know that your smile is your most important physical feature? That’s right – while there may not be much that Americans agree on nowadays, the majority of the population concurs that having radiant pearly whites can help you succeed at work and make it easier to find Mr. or Miss Right. That’s why innovative oral healthcare from your dentist in Lincoln Park is so important. With x-rays from their cone beam scanner, they can help you get the full picture of your smile and improve its health, appearance and functionality. Learn more about this technology – and how it can benefit you – from the team at Comprehensive Dental.

What Is A Cone Beam Scanner?

A 3D Cone Beam Scanner is an advanced type of digital x-ray that creates a 3-dimensional picture of your smile. Technically a CT scan, using a cone beam scanner gives us an accurate picture of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. The scan itself is painless, noninvasive, accurate, and lessens scatter radiation – providing a better image for us than regular x-rays, and reducing your exposure to radioactive emissions.

What Is A Cone Beam Scan Used For?

Since even the newest digital x-rays are still bound to 2-dimensionality, the cone beam scan is superior in giving us the most accurate picture of your smile possible. Using this methodology is ideal in the following circumstances:

  • Placing life-like dental implants
  • Preparing for and performing oral surgery
  • Addressing impacted teeth
  • Providing effective periodontal treatment
  • Enhancing the results of endodontic treatment (root canal therapy)
  • Detecting, measuring, and treating tumors in the jaw
  • Diagnosing TMJ dysfunction and jaw pain
  • Evaluating your natural structures, including your jaw, sinuses, nerve canals and nasal cavities

In more complex dental procedures, preparation and proper execution is key – and this all depends on what we can see during the diagnostic and planning portions of your treatment. Even for qualified experts like us, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the cone beam scan allows us to create a treatment plan that is optimal for you.

How Can A Cone Beam Scan Help Me?

Rather than undergoing a multitude of x-rays, we can simplify the process and reduce your exposure to radiation by using a single pass of the Cone Beam Scanner. What’s unique about this diagnostic procedure is that the digital and 3D aspects allow us to view your smile from an infinite number of angles – this ensures that there are no surprises during oral surgery, as well as other dental procedures.

Now that you know what a Cone Beam Scanner is and how it can benefit your pearly whites, give us a call if you have questions or schedule an appointment with Comprehensive Dental to get a new perspective on your smile!

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