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Why Would I Need a Sinus Lift with my Dental Implants?

December 22, 2017

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Model of a dental implant.Are you missing teeth on your upper arch? Have you been told in the past that you are not a good candidate for dental implants? It’s important to know that there is hope, and certain procedures may be able to restore enough bone to successfully support dental implants in Lincoln Park. Here is what you should know.

How Dental Implants Work

A dental implant is inserted into your jawbone during a simple surgical procedure and then given time to heal and integrate with your bone. This allows it to act like your root and create a stable foundation for your new tooth, which will attach to it after healing has completed.

In order for your implant to properly integrate with your jawbone, you must have enough healthy bone structure present. Lack of bone is why many people are told they are not good candidates for dental implants; however, there are some procedures that can help.

What is a Bone Graft?

A bone grafting procedure can add additional natural or synthetic bone material to your jawbone in order to build it up enough to successfully support an implant. The material is given time to heal and integrate before the implants are placed so your dentist can ensure its stability.

Bone grafts can make implants accessible to patients who may have suffered from periodontal disease, extensive tooth loss, or facial trauma.

What is a Sinus Lift?

When you are missing one or more teeth on your upper arch, your upper jawbone may be thinner due to your sinus membrane. It may run into your upper jawbone causing it to be thinner. A sinus lift, or augmentation, actually moves or lifts your sinus membrane up, making room for a bone graft to build up your bone for proper implant support.

Your oral surgeon can perform a sinus lift procedure and bone graft. It will take 4 to 8 months of healing time before your bone is ready for implant placement surgery. This procedure allows many patients who were told in the past that implants wouldn’t work for them to successfully support implants or other prosthetics such as a bridge or denture, which can restore multiple teeth.

To learn more about a sinus lift or bone graft, contact your dentist in Lincoln Park today.

About Comprehensive Dental

Your team at Comprehensive Dental includes oral surgeon Dr. Shahin Ghobadi who specializes in oral surgery, bone grafting, dental implants, sedation dentistry, and sinus augmentation procedures.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of dental implants for your smile, Dr. Ghobadi can be reached through our website or by calling 973-633-5666.

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