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Dentist in Totowa, NJ Has Tips for Healthier Teeth and Gums

October 31, 2016

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dentist in totowa, NJ has tips for oral healthThe next time you’re experiencing the midday slump, your dentist in Totowa, NJ wants you to reach for an apple. It’s not just a good choice for your nutrition — did you know that eating crunchy fruits and vegetables scrubs away the plaque that causes tooth decay? And not only that, but apples hydrate your mouth to wash it clean of acids, bacteria, and the leftover food particles that lead to cavities.

Let’s call it the apple trick. It’s just one of five tips your dentist has for keeping your teeth and gums healthy as we wrap up 2016. The other four are listed below.

#1: Get another toothbrush

Want healthier teeth and gums? Try buying another toothbrush (or picking up a free one at your next checkup and cleaning). But what’s the need for two toothbrushes, you ask? Toss the second one into your bag or briefcase and remember to brush your teeth throughout the day, too.

Adults over the age of 35 are at a higher risk for developing gum disease. In fact, the majority of American adults exhibit the symptoms of the condition. But improving your dental hygiene greatly reduces your risk of developing gum disease.

So the next time you are at the grocery store, swing by the dental care aisle and pick up another toothbrush. Add in one more brushing session throughout the day — like after lunch or in the mid-afternoon — and watch your dental health improve.

#2: Recommit to floss

Did you hear the news a couple of months ago that flossing isn’t as important as we’ve always thought? Ignore it. We know dental floss is a crucial part of every good dental hygiene routine, as we see the evidence of not flossing every single day. It looks like bleeding, tender gums, bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Dental floss is the only way to remove the food particles and plaque your toothbrush just can’t reach.

The problem with dental floss is the simple fact that it’s hard to remember to do it. Want to recommit to floss? Try some of the steps for creating a good habit, like creating a trigger. Brushing your teeth is an easy one — every time you use your toothbrush, follow it up with dental floss. They say it takes two weeks to start a habit, so keep it up and you’ll soon feel incomplete without flossing.

#3: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

A clean mouth is one that is also well hydrated. That’s why your breath usually smells in the morning — you’ve gone several hours without any sort of water or fluid in your mouth, and bacteria has multiplied in its absence. To keep your breath fresher and your mouth cleaner throughout the day, consider investing in a reusable water bottle as a reminder to sip H2O.

#4: Visit the dentist regularly

Patients of all ages benefit from a six month checkup and cleaning at the dentist’s office. During this visit, we will get your teeth sparkling clean and make sure they are as healthy as can be. When was your last preventive appointment? If it’s been more than six months, you are past due. Please get in touch with Comprehensive Dental to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Totowa, NJ today!

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