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Dentistry For Wayne

November 14, 2013

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Wayne Dentist Dr. Rana Can Offer Your Family Concise, Comprehensive Care

Here at Comprehensive Dental, we believe in building relationships with patients that will last for years to come. That’s why we’re happy to welcome you and all your loved ones from Wayne, NJ and beyond to our state-of-the-art. Combing the most modern technology and tools available with simplistic, cozy touches of comfort , our dentists and staff have created a space where you can feel safe and cared for. We’ll do whatever we can to treat your teeth and gums well, whether you’re only looking for preventive care or your smile is sorely in need of complex restorative work. Additionally, we also offer cosmetic dentistry services to help enhance the beauty of your pearly whites. We can’t wait to provide you with optimal oral health!

Preventive, Restorative, and Cosmetic Treatments Are Here for Patients From Wayne and Beyond

When you have young children in your family, it can be frustrating to have to keep with a second dentist who can accommodate their unique needs. Our team wants to be the first to let you know that taking care of your loved ones can be so much simpler! Just bring them in to see Wayne dentists Dr. Rana and Dr. Maggie – we’ll be happy to treat smiles of all sizes with well-rounded, personalized care. Of course, every good oral hygiene routine begins with thorough preventive care; we’ll recommend scheduling routine check-ups and oral hygiene appointments. For any sons or daughters you have whose adult teeth are just coming in, dental sealants can help add an extra layer of protection against pesky decay. Mouthguards are available too for sports-crazy kids. Are your gums excessively tender or sore? You might be in need of periodontal therapy. We’ll also take the time to ensure that you’re brushing and flossing properly with a little patient education. For patients from Wayne and beyond, we’ll go the extra mile in ensuring your teeth are happy and healthy.

Erase Damage and Smile Brighter with Restorative Dentistry Services

Suffering from a severely damaged or even lost tooth can be a devastating blow, both to your overall health and your self-confidence. Thankfully, with the help of our in-office oral surgeon, Drs. Rana and Maggie can provide you with the rejuvenating care you need quickly and efficiently. Our restorative dentistry services for patients from Wayne and beyond include:

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed because you need several of these services to return your smile to tip-top shape, don’t worry! Wayne dentist Dr. Rana can create a personalized full-mouth reconstruction plan with your unique needs in mind, potentially reducing your treatment time and helping you get the care you need quicker.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Wayne Patients Feel Confident in Their Smiles

While good oral health is, of course, very important to our team, Dr. Rana, Dr. Maggie, and their staff also understand that many of our patients are interested in achieving a smile that looks just as beautiful as it feels. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to patients from Wayne and beyond in order to help them achieve their dental dreams. Services such as teeth whitening and Invisalign can correct unsightly issues like stains or gaps; porcelain veneers offer an effective, natural-looking way to cover up several of these types of problems at once. In order to save you precious time and expense, we can even sit down with you and plan a smile makeover to fit your unique needs. Wayne dentist Dr. Rana will do whatever he can to ensure that you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

If you’re from Wayne or beyond, don’t live with teeth and gums that aren’t at their very best – instead, let the team at Comprehensive Dental be your first line of defense against dental decay, damage, and pesky cosmetic issues. We’re committed to providing you with the kind of care that lasts for years to come. Call us today with any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to go ahead and schedule an appointment. We have two offices in both Lincoln Park and Totowa, but we also love to see patients from Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Paterson, Wayne, Woodland Park, Little Falls, Montville, and beyond.

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