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Habits Can Destroy Your Teeth

November 11, 2014

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Habits Can Destroy Your Teeth

Our daily habits could lead to destruction of our teeth if we don’t take dental health seriously.These habits should be broken to make sure we keep our teeth healthy for years.

Chewing ice

We think that because it is natural and sugar-free, it is good to chew it at any time. That will be the worst idea. People have chipped or cracked their teeth by chewing ice. The truth behind this concept is simple. The tooth has some sensitive soft tissues inside it. Too hot or too cold foods are bound to affect these tissues. This is why people will start having some regular toothaches. You can always chew sugar-free gum rather than ice.

Forgetting About Mouth When Playing Some Sports

Sports, such as rugby, hockey, or boxing, can get tough sometimes. Make sure that when getting into the game, you have your mouth guard. It helps to protect the upper row teeth. They are the ones that are likely to be chipped during a rough contact. Some people end up losing over three teeth from only one knock. It is time to protect your teeth from destruction now. These mouth guards are available at your nearest sports shop. In addition, ask the dentist to make a custom mouth guard for you.

Lip and Tongue Piercing

These two types of piercing can cause destruction to the teeth. For a tongue piercing, you are likely to crack a tooth by continuously rubbing the piercing against it. The same is true for lip piercing that can rub against the lower teeth and gums. This can lead to teeth loss and gum infections. The mouth is full of bacteria. When the gums are damaged, then it is easy for the bacteria to cause infections. Before deciding on such piercing, talk to your dentist to understand the risks first.

Teeth Grinding

It is also known as bruxism. It is will wear down your teeth in time if you continue to grind your teeth. Teeth grinding is a problem common to people who are always under stress. They grind their teeth as a way to keep them calm during a tense situation. Other people have poor sleeping habits that involve grinding the teeth. Unless this problem is addressed, your teeth with time will start to show signs of chipping. Avoid eating hard foods if you are a person with such a habit. Talk to your dentist to recommend a mouth guard to use while sleeping. Those who grind teeth under stress should look for alternative ways of dealing with stress.

Using Cough Drops

We all love to use some cough drops in case of a sore throat. However, it is recommended that you brush your teeth after taking cough drops. This is because the cough drops have sugar in them. We know that sugar is the first enemy against teeth. Once your throat is clear, brush your teeth as soon as possible. It will help to remove any sticky plaque coat on your teeth. It is not about the cough drops alone, always brush teeth after taking some hard sweets. When the sticky plaque mixed with sugar is left to stay for long, it will lead to softening of the enamel. Also, brushing your teeth and tongue when you have a cold and sore throat will help fight the infection.

Opening Bottle Caps Using Your Teeth

It is common to see a person using their teeth to open bottle caps. The bottle opener is not that expensive so stop destroying your teeth. Always watch for expressions of other people’s faces when you open bottle caps using your teeth. Any dentist will tell you that it is a dangerous move playing with your teeth. With time, you will start seeing signs of cracking or chipping of the tooth. It is better if you just use your teeth for eating.

Chewing pencils

It is something that we do when trying to study or concentrate at work. Sometimes, people chew on pencils if they are stressed. Chewing pencils has the same effect as chewing ice. After sometime, the teeth will start cracking and get damaged. You still have the option of chewing a sugar-free gum. It will trigger the production of saliva that will protect the teeth against enamel destroying acids.

From the above list, it is easy to see that it doesn’t take much to destroy our teeth. Having regular checkups will help in pointing out such problems. If they are caught in time, more damage will be prevented.

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