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Is Your Dental Implant Pain Normal? Hear from a Dentist

August 5, 2019

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Woman with dental implant pain

In ancient China, carved bamboo pegs were used to replace missing teeth. Sounds extremely painful! Fortunately, modern dentistry has come a long way since 2000 B.C. Today, dental implants are one of the most effective and long-lasting ways to replace missing teeth, all without causing major pain or discomfort. If you have recently completed dental implant surgery and are feeling some slight dental implant pain, do not panic. Below is an overview of typical symptoms after implant treatment and how to know if you should call a dentist for further assistance.

How Much Discomfort is Normal?

While local anesthesia is typically used during dental implant surgery to numb pain, it is normal to experience some mild discomfort after the procedure is complete. Do not panic if you experience any of the following typical symptoms:

  • Minor bleeding
  • Swelling of the face and gums
  • Bruising of the skin and gums
  • Moderate pain

These symptoms should subside in just a few short days. Your dentist may recommend or provide over-the-counter pain medication to help alleviate your symptoms as you recover.

What About Persistent Dental Implant Pain?

If your dental implant pain persists more than a few days or worsens in the days following the implant procedure, you should contact your dentist right away. Your dental implant pain may be related to one of the following conditions:

  • Injured nerve – Dental implants can sometimes touch a nerve running underneath the teeth, causing significant and lasting discomfort. Symptoms of an injured nerve after implant placement include pain near the implant area or an unpleasant feeling in the lips. Nerve injuries from dental implants are more highly associated with women and younger patients.
  • Peri-implantitis – When bacteria is allowed to build up around the gums near a dental implant, it can cause chronic inflammation around the implant site. Known as peri-implantitis, this condition can eventually cause the gum tissues and bone around an implant to break down if not treated in a timely matter. Symptoms of peri-implantitis include painful, red or tender gums as well as bleeding when brushing your teeth. Tobacco use and diabetes may increase the risk of peri-implantitis.

Will My Dental Implant be Successful?

If you have just completed dental implant surgery or are considering pursuing implant treatment soon, it is important to know that complications arising from dental implants are very much the exception – not the norm. In fact, approximately 5 million dental implants are placed in the U.S. each year and enjoy an outstanding success rate of up to 98%.

Dental implants remain an excellent solution for people with missing teeth to restore their smiles and reclaim their confidence. For more questions on dental implants, including dental implant pain after the procedure, do not hesitate to contact an experienced implant dentist near you today.  

About the Author

Dr. Samir Rana is a highly skilled dentist in the Lincoln Park area with considerable experience in full mouth reconstruction and a range of cosmetic dental procedures. The graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey continues his education today, most recently attending the Implant Global Conference in France. Patients considering dental implants or other dental treatments to rejuvenate their smile can visit the Comprehensive Dental website or call 973-633-5666 to learn more.

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