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Why Is My Dental Implant Loose?

September 19, 2019

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woman with dental painIf you’ve lost one or more teeth, you can enjoy the next best thing to what nature gave you with dental implants. You’ll have unmatched stability when compared to any other dental prosthetic because implant posts secure your restoration to your jawbone. In fact, you’ll never need to worry about any slipping or irritation because they have over a 95% success rate; however, if there’s a time when your implant feels loose, don’t wait to contact your dentist. They can help prevent implant failure.

Why is My Dental Implant Loose?

A dental implant replaces the entire structure of your tooth, including the root. This allows the post to stimulate your jaw to encourage new bone growth. Your jawbone fuses to the post through a process called osseointegration. This provides a stable foundation for your restoration, so your implant post should never feel loose. If it does, it’s important to contact your dentist right away to get to the root cause of your problem, which may include:

Loose Dental Crown

Your restoration may become loose over time. Although this isn’t serious, your dentist may need to screw it on tighter or it may need to be replaced.

Bone Loss

If the osseointegration process wasn’t successful, you may experience bone loss. As a result, your implant post may not have adequate support. Typically, this will occur within the first year. You’ll likely need bone grafting to enhance the density of your jawbone.


The preventable infection is a leading cause of implant failure, which is similar to gum disease. You can avoid it with a proactive approach to your oral hygiene. If peri-implantitis is the cause of your loose implant, you can help to prevent complete implant failure with quick intervention from your dentist. If you wait too long for treatment, you will need to have your implant removed.

What Does a Loose Implant Feel Like?

Often, a loose dental implant is quite obvious as it moves inside your mouth. Unfortunately, it may have fallen all the way out, but there are cases where it may not always be as clear, but there may be other signs that can indicate a problem, such as:

  • Pain
  • Visible bone loss
  • Bleeding when the implant is touched
  • Discoloration of the gum tissue near the area

If you experience any of these signs or have another concern, don’t wait to contact your dentist. They will get to the underlying cause of the problem to protect your investment.

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