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5 At-Home Teeth Whitening Tricks – That Are NO Treat

September 5, 2017

Woman and dentist looking at tooth shading chartIf you’re one of the many people taking the tissue test and trying all the DIY teeth whitening tricks on the web, take a deep breath and step away from the tissue box. Before beginning an at-home teeth whitening routine, take a few moments to consider the following information about the few pros and many cons of these DIY teeth whitening methods. Consider visiting a trusted cosmetic dentist for professional teeth whitening and other safe, effective cosmetic services instead.

1 – Fruity Whiteners

We’ve seen some extreme recommendations when it comes to whitening with fruits, including covering teeth with mashed strawberries and placing banana peels over the smile. While the DIYers who recommend these treatments make valid arguments about why the work, the truth of the matter is, these methods are much more likely to lead to cavities and worn tooth enamel than brighter smiles. Fruits contain natural sugars and acids that weaken enamel, and even if the first application brightens teeth, over time the excess enamel wear will reveal the yellow dentin layer below.

2 – Charcoal Brightening

We’ve seen this one all over the internet, but does it work? It might. In all honesty, the anecdotal evidence is inconsistent and there is no scientific validity to the claims that this method is effective. Additionally, you have to fill your mouth with charcoal, which cannot taste great.

3 – Coconut Oil

We’ve seen lots of information on coconut oil “pulling” and making pastes with baking soda. This is another DIY teeth whitening trick that provides inconsistent results and doesn’t have the scientific backing we prefer before recommending something to our patients. However, as far as we can tell, this is a solution that doesn’t cause any adverse effects either, so it’s safe to give it a try, if you’d like.

4 – Baking Soda and Peroxide

Many toothpastes contain these ingredients, but they are properly mixed to ensure they meet health and safety regulations. Used improperly, abrasive baking soda can wear away tooth enamel and peroxide can damage the soft tissue.

5 – Lemon Juice

In addition to being just as acidic and sugary as other fruit based recommendations, this method is especially bad for teeth. While lemon juice may do a great job bleaching hair, it is very bad for teeth, and patients who use this method of teeth whitening often experience excessive tooth decay and chronic dental sensitivity.

Meet Dr. Rana

At Comprehensive Dental, Dr. Maggie Rana and her caring team are dedicated to providing patients with treatment that exceeds their highest expectations. With years of experience caring for Lincoln Park dental patients, we know that it’s important for patients to completely understand all of their treatment options before they get started. That includes providing information to help patients better understand their cosmetic dentistry options and how they can affect oral health. There are many ways to safely achieve your teeth whitening goals, but it’s always best to begin with a trip to the dentist. If you’d like to find out more about teeth whitening or other cosmetic services, contact us to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation today.

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