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Fillings vs. Dental Crowns: Which One Do You Need?

August 5, 2021

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dentist talking to a patient about the difference between dental crowns and fillings in Lincoln Park

Recently, a sharp pain has been shooting through one of your teeth every time you chew. After gently running your tongue over the tooth, you were able to feel a small hole in the surface – a cavity. You know that you need to get it treated if you want to chew comfortably again, but you’re not quite sure which treatment your dentist will recommend. Typically, they’ll suggest either a filling or a crown. Read on to find out the difference between dental crowns and fillings in Lincoln Park and which option is best for your smile!  

How Dental Fillings Work

Fillings are a tried-and-true method of repairing decayed teeth. The procedure is simple – your dentist clears out the decayed material from the tooth and fills it up with either an amalgam of various metals or composite resin. Amalgam fillings are becoming less popular since they leave dark gray splotches in your smile and may even adversely affect your oral health. Instead, many dentists choose composite resin fillings. This material can be customized to mimic the shade of your tooth enamel for seamless results. Plus, they forge a tight seal that supports your natural tooth structure and prevents bacteria from penetrating the tooth again.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is basically a “cap” that fits over the entire visible section of a compromised tooth. Like fillings, crowns used to be crafted from metals but have increasingly been made from tooth-colored materials instead. These days, most dentists choose ceramic or porcelain for dental crowns, as these substances are almost as durable as metal while also blending in with the rest of a patient’s smile.

Dental crowns can take several weeks to design and create, forcing you to wear a temporary restoration while your permanent one is being fabricated in a dental lab. However, if your dentist in Lincoln Park offers CEREC technology, they can provide you with your crown in a single appointment using an in-house milling machine.

Which Treatment Is Right for You?

If you’re still confused as to which type of restorative dental treatment you need, it may help to understand a few of the key differences between fillings and crowns:

  • Severity of dental damage – Fillings typically address minor cavities, while a crown is better suited to covering a tooth that suffers from severe decay or other damage.
  • Timeline – A filling can often be completed in a single appointment, while crowns can take two or three visits that span several weeks. However, by visiting a dentist who uses CEREC, you can receive your crown on the same day.
  • Cost – Crowns tend to cost more than fillings because they require more specialized machinery in order to be customized.

Do you have a damaged tooth that you think could benefit from a filling or dental crown? Then don’t hesitate to reach out to your dentist for more information. After examining your smile at a consultation, they’ll be able to tell you which solution is better for getting your smile back on track!

About the Author

At Comprehensive Dental, Dr. Samir K. Rana loves to provide his patients with the information they need to make confident decisions about their oral health. He’ll take the time to listen to your concerns, examine your smile, and come up with the perfect solution for your unique needs. He has invested in CEREC technology to make the dental crown process easier for his patients. To learn more about how you can fix damaged teeth, contact Dr. Rana at 973-633-5666.

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