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The Emergency Dentist in Lincoln Park, NJ, Offers Same-Day Service

August 11, 2016

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If you need an emergency dentist in Lincoln Park, NJ, contact Comprehensive Dental for same-day service.
Handling a Dental Emergency
As with any emergency, preparedness is key. Our first recommendation is that you have our office phone number in the list of contacts on your cell phone. If a dental emergency occurs, you’ll be able to call our office immediately so one of our staff can advise you.

A dental emergency kit is another way to be prepared. This kit should contain:
• A small container with a secure lid
• Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
• Gauze
• Small towel or handkerchief
Common Dental Emergencies and What To Do
The dentists and their team would like to offer the following tips to help you manage a dental emergency until the dentist in Lincoln Park, NJ sees you. Remember—we offer same-day service whenever urgent care is necessary.
Knocked Out Tooth. Touch only the crown of the tooth, because the root may still have tissue attached. Rinse the tooth in water and try to hold the tooth in its socket. If this isn’t possible, use that small container in your emergency dental kit to store the tooth in milk or a mild saline solution.
Loose Tooth. If a fall or hard blow to the face causes a tooth to loosen, you can attempt to move the tooth back into alignment by applying gentle pressure. Never force a tooth. Your emergency dentist in Lincoln Park may devise a splint in order to stabilize the tooth against adjacent ones.
Broken Tooth. When a tooth is broken, there may be damage to the nerve that resides within the pulp chamber. For this reason, a broken or fractured tooth may necessitate emergency care. Immediately after breaking a tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water. A cold compress can help reduce any swelling if the facture was caused by trauma, and acetaminophen will help with the pain.
Toothache. For severe toothaches, call our office immediately. Pain in a tooth may indicate infection and root canal therapy may be required.
Call Our Office Today
If you are experiencing any kind of dental emergency, then contact your dentist in Lincoln Park, NJ, at Comprehensive Dental. We are here to help!

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