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Understanding Discoloration and Teeth Whitening in Totowa, NJ

November 28, 2016

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Your cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening in Totowa, NJ.Have you started to notice the bright white appearance of your smile is becoming dull? Tooth discoloration is a common complaint. Unfortunately, your teeth will start to discolor over time due to various factors. You may be tempted to turn to over-the-counter whitening treatments to reverse the discoloration. However, these products are ineffective and will not produce noticeable results. To treat tooth discoloration, you need to learn what causes the discoloration. Then, you can brighten your smile with teeth whitening in Totowa, NJ.

Age-Related Discoloration

Teeth naturally discolor as we age. In addition, genetics will also play a role in the severity of discoloration. Age-related discoloration is caused by yellowing of the enamel. As you age, your enamel will become thinner, which causes the dentin to become more apparent. When you combine foods and lifestyle factors with the exposure of the dentin, discoloration will intensify.

Stains Caused by Foods

There are several foods and beverages that lead to tooth discoloration as well. Dark pigmented foods and drinks, such as coffee and berries, seep under the enamel, causing the teeth to become discolored. In addition, acidic foods lead to discoloration as the enamel becomes softened, making the teeth more susceptible to staining.

Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle habits, like tobacco use, also lead to tooth discoloration. Tobacco products have chemicals and ingredients that cling to the teeth. Over time, the bright white appearance of your enamel will fade.

Poor Oral Hygiene

If you do not brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, stains will likely develop. You need to practice proper home oral hygiene and visit your dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning. With the right home care and care from your dentist, you can help prevent severe tooth discoloration.

Treating Tooth Discoloration

When tooth discoloration is caused by aging, lifestyle factors, and habits, the dark appearance of the teeth can be restored to a bright white smile with your cosmetic dentist in Totowa, NJ. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional whitening treatments contain high-quality ingredients to deeply penetrate the enamel. As a result, you will resolve tough stains to achieve noticeable, lasting results.

Comprehensive Dental offers two options for whitening your teeth using the Zoom! Whitening System. Our whitening system is safe and effective. This system allows you to whiten your teeth in our office or at home. After performing a consultation to discover the root cause of your discoloration, we will formulate an effective treatment plan to brighten your smile. After you have achieved your desired results, we will help you maintain your results with touch-ups and tips to prevent future discoloration.

Brighten Your Smile Today

If you are tired of a dull, discolored smile, you can reverse the signs of discoloration with professional teeth whitening. At Comprehensive Dental, we will help you restore a youthful appearance with a confident, bright smile.

If you are ready to reverse tooth discoloration, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. We will transform your smile with a simple, effective cosmetic treatment.

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