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Your Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist in Lincoln Park, NJ

November 4, 2016

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Your dentist in Lincoln Park, NJ for full mouth reconstruction.If your oral health and quality of life are severely impacted by significant damage or decay, it may be recommended you undergo a full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction involves various procedures used to restore and rebuild the teeth of the upper and lower jaw. Most often, the reconstruction procedures are recommended when there has been serious damage to the oral cavity, such as due to injury, decay, or trauma. As a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Park, NJ, we offer full mouth reconstruction to help you regain your confidence and quality of life with promoted oral health.

Why is Full Mouth Reconstruction Needed?

Full mouth reconstruction is considered to be a cosmetic procedure that is used to improve the aesthetics and health of the teeth. Often, reconstruction is recommended for those who have severely damaged teeth. By restoring the health of the teeth and promoting the proper oral alignment of the oral cavity, you will regain your confidence and oral health.

Often, when the teeth are severely damaged, everyday tasks like eating and chewing are difficult and can be painful. Not to mention, when your smile is riddled with damage, you do not feel confident or smile as often. By having your oral health restored, you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence and no discomfort.

What is Involved with Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Depending on your individual needs, full mouth reconstruction will likely consist of various restorative procedures. There are several procedures that can be used. For example, if you are suffering from tooth loss or have severely damaged teeth that need extracted, your reconstruction treatment will consist of tooth replacement. Depending on your preference level, there are several forms of tooth replacement available, such as dental implants and dental bridges.

For those who have healthy teeth but suffer from various cosmetic flaws, your treatment process may involve less invasive treatments, such as dental fillings or dental crowns. These restorative options will repair your teeth while also enhancing the function and appearance of the teeth.

In some cases, porcelain veneers can also be part of treatment. Porcelain veneers are false fronts that are bonded to the front side of the teeth. Veneers will enhance the overall shape and appearance of your teeth by hiding cosmetic flaws. You will gain a straighter, whiter smile that you will love showing off.

How Can I Get Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The first step to benefiting from full mouth reconstruction involves finding a dentist who specializes in the treatment, like Comprehensive Dental. We specialize in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to ensure the health, function, and beauty of your smile.

We will perform an initial consultation to address the health and appearance of your teeth. We will discuss your desired results that are combined with our consultation findings to create a treatment plan. With a treatment plan in place, we will begin restoring your smile with a customized approach.

If you are ready for a healthy, confident smile, it is time to learn more about full mouth reconstruction. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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