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CEREC One-Visit Restorations in Lincoln Park, NJ

Dental restorations are a common and necessary part of dental care, and they can benefit patients who are experiencing a wide variety of issues, from decay to injury to tooth loss. However, the creation and placement process of a new crown, bridge, or other restoration requires multiple appointments, which just isn’t ideal for patients with big families and/or busy schedules that need a lot of accommodation. At Comprehensive Dental, Dr. Samir Rana and his excellent staff are proud to offer a solution: CEREC. This technology has simplified the design, creation, and placement of a brand-new, high-quality restoration down to one, convenient appointment.

Are you ready to regain a healthier, happier smile? Don’t hesitate – contact our practice today to schedule a consultation! We love welcoming patients from Little Falls, NJ and beyond to our office space conveniently located in Lincoln Park.

How does CEREC work?

When using CEREC, our team will first prepare the tooth or teeth in question just like we would during a traditional restorative procedure. However, this is where the process changes – instead of relying on impression materials, we capture the dimensions of the area digitally and use computer-aided design to create the ideal restoration. Then, this information is sent to our onsite milling unit, where the restoration is crafted from a block of high-quality dental ceramic. Finally, our doctors make necessary adjustments and place the restoration securely within the mouth, ensuring the patient’s complete satisfaction with the results. That’s it – you’ll walk in with oral damage and walk out with a significantly improved smile that looks and feels great.

When compared to the traditional method of crafting custom dental crowns, dental bridges, inlays, onlays, and more, CEREC offers patients several valuable advantages. These include:

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