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Dental Implants for Lincoln Park Patients

illustation of 2D dental implantAt Comprehensive Dental, we strive to make every visit to our office comfortable and every treatment effective. No two patients are alike, and no two patients should have the same treatment plan. If part of your personalized oral health plan includes replacing one or more teeth, Dr. Samir Rana and his team of professional dentists may recommend implant placement and restoration all in our comfortable practice. We have an oral surgeon on staff and utilize high definition 3D CAT Scan to plan the precise surgical placement of implant posts, so we’re able to complete even the most complex dental implant placements and restorations in our Lincoln Park practice. Keep reading to find out more about dental implant supported tooth replacement, or contact our office to schedule an implant consultation today.

Single Tooth Replacement

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Traditionally, dental crown supported fixed bridges were the standard replacement option for those patients missing a single tooth. While crown and bridge tooth replacement offers patients stability and natural look and feel, two healthy teeth are damaged in the process and the underlying root structure is not replaced. Dental implant supported tooth replacement restores patients’ missing teeth starting from the roots up.

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Benefits of Single Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

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Multiple Tooth Replacement

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For those patients missing two or more teeth on a single arch, fixed bridges were recommended for two or three consecutive missing teeth and partial removable dentures were recommended for those with numerous nonconsecutive missing teeth. Both options offered restoration of only the visible portions of teeth, but implant supported bridges and partial prosthesis replace both the crowns and roots of these missing teeth for optimal stability, comfort, and longevity.

Benefits of Multiple Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

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Full Mouth Tooth Replacement

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Patients who are fully edentulous, without teeth, stand to benefit greatly from replacing missing teeth with implant supported dentures. For those patients who have used traditional, removable dentures know that they restore the appearance of smiles, but are only able to renew about 25% of dental function. Implant supported removable or fixed dentures provide a more stable alternative, but in the past, many patients were unable to receive implant dentures due to a lack of jawbone density or diminished oral and overall health. Innovations in implant materials, technologies, and techniques make it possible for more patients than ever to restore their smiles implant supported dentures and dental prosthetics.

Benefits of Full Mouth Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

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All-On-4 Implants

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When a full arch of teeth is in need of replacement, the All-on-4 system may be the ideal solution for patients in need of speed and convenience. Instead of relying on six to eight traditional implants, this procedure utilizes just four that are placed at strategic angles so as to use the natural support of the bone to the fullest. In most cases, patients won’t even require bone grafting. Our doctors will also place a temporary set of teeth immediately following the surgical procedure, which means you’ll never be without the oral strength and function you need as your permanent prosthetic is crafted.

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

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Before beginning a complex dentistry plan like dental implant tooth replacement, you probably have a lot of questions. To get the answers to some of our frequently asked questions, visit our dental implant frequently asked questions page. The Comprehensive Dental team in Lincoln Park is here to answer all of your questions and help you find the right tooth replacement solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations to keep you smiling.

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Whether you’re missing a single tooth or a full arch of teeth, dental implant supported tooth replacement is available to renew your smile from the roots up. Contact our team in Lincoln Park, schedule your dental implant consultation, and take the first step toward a complete, beautiful smile.

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