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State-of-the-Art Digital Technology for Your Dental Care

conebeam imageThe way your smile looks can reveal quite a bit about its health, but there’s even more important information hidden beneath the surface. At Comprehensive Dental, Dr. Samir Rana relies on the latest in digital technology to form a complete understanding of your dental needs and prescribe precise, accurate treatment. Digital X-rays and the revolutionary 3D Cone Beam System make the diagnostic and planning processes smoother than ever before! Patients from Montville, NJ and surrounding areas are welcome to contact our Lincoln Park location today to schedule their first appointment with our team.

Digital X-Rays

dentist pointing to problem areas on x-ray

Many older patients are familiar with the method of capturing X-rays on film. These images had to be developed in darkrooms with hazardous chemicals, viewed on special light boards, and then stored in bulky filing cabinets. Today, digital radiography has transformed this process for the better making it simpler, safer, and more informative for both the patients and our team. Now, X-rays are captured and transferred to our computer system for easy viewing in a matter of seconds; our doctors and staff members can even rotate, magnify, and color-code the images so patients clearly understand what they’re seeing.

Do x-rays need to be transferred to another doctor or an insurance company? This is very simple, and so is storage in our online files, making them much more environmentally friendly in the long run. Best of all, patients don’t have to worry about them or their loved ones receiving considerable bursts of radiation during this process. With our digital system, the amount of exposure is reduced by up to 90%. Keeping our patients safe and comfortable is important to our team, and we’re proud to be able to offer this added convenience.

3D Cone Beam

woman having x-ray done

While digital X-rays are leaps and bounds ahead of traditional systems, the two-dimensional nature still has limitations. That’s why our team may recommend undergoing a full 360° scan of your jaw and mouth with our advanced Cone Beam technology. This software will create an exceptionally detailed model that can be viewed from an infinite number of different angles allowing our team to plan the ideal treatment based on your unique anatomy. There are several services where these scans can be extremely helpful in maximizing success such as:

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