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Single Tooth Implants

Dr. Rana and staff treating patient at The Implant Center at Comprehensive Dental in Lincoln Park, NJ Single tooth implants are dental devices that offer a durable solution for patients with missing teeth. A single dental implant is a standard treatment option to replace a single missing tooth. They provide numerous benefits that extend beyond just restoring the natural appearance of the smile. Such as stimulating bone density in the jaw, durability, maintaining the health of natural teeth, and being a long lasting solution to tooth loss.

A single tooth implant consists of three main components. There is the implant itself, the abutment, and the crown. The implant is a titanium post surgically placed into the jawbone that acts as an artificial tooth root. Titanium is biocompatible, and allows the bone to fuse with the implant through a process called osseointegration. This provides a secure foundation. The abutment connects the implant to the crown. The crown is the visible part of the device, and is custom made to match the existing teeth and restore the look and function of the smile.

Diagram of dental implant with post

Advantages of a Single Tooth Implant

Traditional dentures and bridges rely on adjacent teeth for support. Dental implants preserve the integrity of healthy teeth by eliminating the need to use them for support. The crown is typically made of porcelain or ceramic, and resembles a natural tooth in appearance and durability. A single tooth implant blends in seamlessly with the patient's existing teeth, and recreates a natural smile.

In addition, single tooth implants offer improved chewing and speech. Implants are attached to a secure foundation that allows patients to bite and chew with confidence. The stability of implants eliminates the slippage and discomfort associated with other dental prosthetics. Compared to other devices, patients speak more articulately because an implant functions just like a natural tooth. This prevents speech changes that occur with missing teeth and other prosthetics.

Single tooth implants are easier to clean. Bridges require special cleaning techniques, but implants are maintained with the same regular oral hygiene practices that we've always performed. Brushing and flossing. This easy maintenance is better for long term oral health.

Also, a big, but often overlooked benefit of single tooth implants is that they preserve the health of the jawbone. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone can deteriorate due to lack of stimulation from the tooth's root. Dental implants mimic that stimulation and prevent bone loss.

Am I Eligible For a Single Tooth Implant?

The success rate of single tooth implants is high due to proper patient selection, and their adherence to post-operative care instructions. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental implants. Factors such as overall health, oral hygiene, and bone density determine whether a patient is suitable for the procedure. We perform a thorough assessment to determine if a single tooth implant is best for each individual patient.

Single tooth implants offer a durable, natural looking, functional solution for patients with missing teeth. Techniques continue to advance, and the popularity of dental implants increases with it. This provides more and more patients with the ability to choose this solution for tooth loss.
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Single Tooth Implants Lincoln Park NJ
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