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woman laying in exam chairAt Comprehensive Dental we believe that the more you know, the better prepared you will be. That is why we aim to provide patients with the information they need to have the best oral health possible. One of the biggest concerns we have heard from new patients is they felt as if their old dentist didn’t truly care about them. Instead, they just put them in the dental chair, did the routine cleaning, and sent them on their way. However, we know that kind of mindset is only going to open patients up to a variety of different oral health concerns in the future. That is why we provide you with detailed information for how you can keep teeth and gums clean.

Insight And Information Into Your Oral Health

Every time you come into our office, it’s our goal to give you the most comprehensive care possible. Dr. Rana and his staff take the time to thoroughly check and clean teeth and gums based on the care you specifically need. In the event that you need additional care, then we inform you of our suggested course of action. We do our best to provide any information you may need to feel comfortable with future dental treatments.

Before leaving our office, we take the time to go over some tips for what you should be doing between visits. We know your dental care isn’t something that should only be tended to twice a year, but rather something that requires attention 365 days a year if you want to make sure you are getting good feedback at your next appointment.

Continually Increasing The Technology We Provide

It is the goal of Rana Dental to have technology that allows our patients to have the best oral healthcare available. This is why we are continually updating and upgrading the technology we provide in our office. From digital x-rays to same-day fillings, we do our best to continually make sure our state-of-the-art facility can accommodate whatever treatments you need, in a time-sensitive manner.

Continued Desire To Learn To Keep Our Patients Healthy

As wonderful as technology is, we know we are also going to learn a lot through personal experience and continued education as well. Dr. Rana and his staff are dedicated to continually learning more about dental care, which they do through attended conferences and seminars around the world. We take that information and pass it directly to our patients, in order to make sure they have the insight they need to keep their teeth in great shape.

At Comprehensive Dental, we don’t just aim to provide you with exquisite care when you are in our chair. Instead, we want to give you the patient education that you need to have the healthiest teeth possible. Give us a call today at our Lincoln Park office: 973-457-4266. We look forward to seeing you!

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