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Root Canal Therapy in Lincoln Park Saves Teeth

woman holding pencil smilingRoot canal therapy is a procedure that heals damaged or infected teeth. The soft substance in the middle of the tooth is called the pulp. The pulp consists of nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Inside the tooth, there is a hollow center chamber called the root canal. These canals continue down the roots and carry nerves into the surrounding gum tissue and bone. All roots have at least one duct, but some have more.

If the pulp becomes infected, only root canal therapy provides the relief and support the damaged tooth needs and help patients recover their complete, beautiful smile. It can also relieve pain caused by the injured pulp tissue. At Comprehensive Dental, Dr. Samir Rana is focused on patient-oriented care, and he and his team offer various amenities and comfort options that help patients stay relaxed. Contact our Lincoln Park, NJ office today to schedule an appointment! We look forward to welcoming patients from Little Falls and surrounding areas.

The Root Canal Process

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The root canal therapy process takes place over multiple appointments. It commences with an administration of local anesthetic to make you feel more comfortable with the root canal process. Subsequently, after the local anesthetic settles in, we place a protective shield or a rubber dam to keep the oral cavity clean and free of saliva. After this step is completed, an opening is made in the top part of the first tooth.  In this opening, a root canal file is placed to prepare for the final filling material. During this entire process, an antibacterial solution will be applied to cleanse the oral cavity. There may be X-rays taken throughout the procedure to constantly update us on ongoing process. Finally, a filling will be placed to reseal the tooth.

Why do I need root canal therapy?

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Root canal therapy is important to salvage damaged, infected or dead teeth. By saving these teeth, future oral complications can be avoided. There are several symptoms in which a root canal is necessary. These symptoms are intense pain from temperature, chewing or biting, toothaches, pain from eating hot or cold foods, pain so intense it is waking you up at night, or pain when chewing or biting. Symptoms of pain from damaged teeth may increasingly get worse if not treated.

What are the benefits of root canal therapy?

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Root Canal Therapy is an effective treatment alternative for restoring infected or damaged pulp in the oral cavity. Infected teeth lead to oral complications that might be detrimental. By having a root canal performed, you can experience a confident smile once again.

What is the cost?

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Root canal therapy can be very expensive. However, there are many options we offer to finance this procedure. On most occasions, insurance plans cover root canal therapy. Comprehensive Dental will work with each patient individually to finance this procedure.

Why choose Comprehensive Dental?

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We work to give you the most comfortable experience possible. We have many different options in offering comfort. Comprehensive Dental will provide nitrous oxide and sedation to give you the best dental experience. Comprehensive Dental has many qualified dentists to perform this procedure and endeavor to make every patient’s visit simple.

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