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Single Tooth Dental Implants in Lincoln Park

inplant between two teethIn the past, patients damaged two healthy teeth in order to replace just the visible portion of a single missing tooth. Called a dental bridge, crown and bridge, or fixed bridge, this treatment option placed dental crowns over healthy teeth connected to and supporting the replacement tooth. A single tooth implant replaces the entire tooth from the roots. A titanium implant post is positioned below the gum line in order to replace the lost root structure, and a custom dental crown is permanently attached for a natural look, feel, and function. In most cases, the Comprehensive Dental team recommends implant supported tooth replacement for this reason, but there is no one solution that works for every patient. If you’re missing one or more teeth, contact us to schedule a tooth replacement consultation at our office in Lincoln Park. Keep reading to find out more about replacement options for individual teeth.

Single Implant Tooth Replacement Process

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Regardless of the number of teeth to be replaced, the dental implant process is follows the same basic three phase process.

Single Tooth Implant vs Dental Bridges

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Both crown and bridge and implant supported single tooth replacement have their advantages and disadvantages. It is essential that patients consider the effects of both options on their oral and overall health before making their final decision. Some things to take into consideration before choosing a fixed bridge or implant tooth replacement procedure include:

Every smile is different and every treatment recommendation will be too. These are just a few of the many factors we consider before making a treatment recommendation. Schedule a tooth replacement consultation today to find out more, and get started down the road to smile restoration.

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