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Teeth Whitening in Lincoln Park

before and after whiteningTeeth whitening is a procedure in which teeth are lightened and spots and stains are removed. This is a cosmetic service we’re happy to provide at Comprehensive Dental in Lincoln Park, NJ. The goal of this procedure is to restore your beautiful, bright smile, and we can follow-up whitening appointments as well to help you maintain the results. We serve patients from Montville, NJ and beyond! Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Samir Rana and his accomplished team of doctors and staff members.

Why do I need teeth whitening?

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Throughout the years, your smile may take on damage. This damage can lead to discoloration and stains causing your teeth to look dirty and unpleasant. If your smile isn’t as white and clean as you want it to be, this procedure is for you.

Teeth can become stained or yellowed because of tobacco use or drinks like coffee, soda, tea, and red wine. Aging, genetics, and poor oral health also cause these issues. The top layer of the tooth is the enamel. The natural color of teeth is created by the reflection of the enamel mixed with the dentin underneath. The thickness and smoothness of the enamel is dependent on genes. Some enamel easily reflects the light because of its thickness. However, a thin layer known as pellicle forms on the enamel and picks up stains. All of this damage causes noticeable discoloration that can be removed by a tooth whitening procedure. At Comprehensive Dental, we work hard to help you regain a comfortable, beautiful smile.

Why types of teeth whitening are available?

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There are two primary types of whitening procedures: non-vital whitening and vital whitening. The non-vital is performed on a tooth that has already undergone root canal therapy. You have no reason to worry in this case, as there is no living nerve being worked on. On the contrary, vital whitening is executed on a tooth with a living nerve. The vital whitening procedure is the most commonly used procedure for teeth whitening. Non-vital whitening procedure is only performed when vital whitening is impossible.

How does teeth whitening work?

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With Zoom Whitening, patients will be finished with their procedure in just one visit. However, the results they achieve will not be permanent. If not properly cared for, teeth accumulate stains once more especially if the patient consumes foods and drinks that are likely to cause these effects. The whiteness will also begin to fade after about a month or two. Even if you avoid staining foods, a touch-up procedure may be needed in 6 to 12 months.

The first step will be examining the patient’s teeth and identifying underlying causes to prevent future stains. Then, Dr. Rana or another one of our doctors will perform a cleaning to remove the layer of bacteria and food that’s contributing to the staining. After the cleaning, the teeth whitening procedure begins. At Comprehensive Dental, we provide an easy, enjoyable dental experience.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

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At Comprehensive Dental, we emphasize a patient-centered practice, which means we always provide the most affordable options. The price of teeth whitening can vary depending on what needs to be worked on and how much overall work is needed. We offer many different payment plans and work with the patient to provide optimal care.

Why us?

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Here at Comprehensive Dental, Dr. Rana and the rest of our team members are happy to perform this cosmetic procedure, as well as many others. We want to provide you with the whiter smile you deserve! Pay us a visit today to receive the best dental care in Lincoln Park.

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